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How to get firearms license and permit in Nigeria

Getting any form of license in Nigeria, although easy, is never a straight forward process. This is why you’ll hear individuals with genuine intent asking questions on how to get firearms license and permit in Nigeria. From the outside, it looks like an almost impossible task but with the right guidance it becomes a less daunting task.

Categories of persons who may need firearms license and permit:

1.       Hunters: It may sound absurd but there are still hunters today in Nigeria. Some rural dwellers depend on it as a source of income while some other well-to-do individuals just do it as a sort of recreational activity. Whichever it is, the hunter needs to secure a permit for the firearm he is going to be using for such activity.

2.       Private detectives:  These special security operatives need the firearms for the purpose of carrying out their duty.

3.       Individuals that require personal protection:  The other day while we were gathered in a colleague’s office, one of his friends came in and was asking for how he would be able to get a permit for a gun he is thinking of purchasing. On asking him what he needed the gun for, he said it was for his protection as he was travelling back to his village for the first time in five years. Now his village is one of those parts of the country where kidnap has been the order of the day. We all laughed at him initially but on a second thought we saw reasons with him and told him how he would go about it. If you fall among this group, you now see that you can actually get a firearms license and permit in Nigeria.

The Nigerian firearms act of 1990 made it very clear that every individual is prohibited from carrying any forms of arms whatsoever without getting the proper documentation in forms of license and permits. So if you are caught with firearms without the permit then you are in for it.

To get a permit in Nigeria you need to go to the zonal police office closest to you and make the request. You will be asked to bring the firearm in question, receipt of purchase, medical records, government issued ID card and passport photographs. Now the amount of money you will be asked to pay to get it is not fixed. That guy I spoke of earlier paid 10,000 to get his and waited for 2 weeks.  Nothing says you won’t pay lesser or higher and also wait longer. However, you will be refused the permit if:

1.       You are under the age of seventeen

2.       You are found to be of unsound mind

3.       You are found to have any form of eye defect

4.       You are found to be of intemperate habit or in simpler English, found to lack self control stemming from drug abuse or alcohol addiction.

5.       You have been convicted of violent behavior in the past.

Now you know how to get firearms license and permit in Nigeria, you can now go to your nearest zonal police office for your own. 

Alternate titles:

·         Procuring firearms license and permit in Nigeria-a detailed guide

·         Looking for how to get firearms license and permit in Nigeria?-Here is how




  1. Thanks for the info, i want a license, but i dont know where i can buy the fire arms, can you pls give me info

    1. Contact me on

  2. Sorry am from benin, Edo State, but currently oversea now, i will need it when i go back

  3. This is a really nice post as I've been asking myself this question and it is good to know it is not an hectic process, at least from the sound of it. But now, my question is where in Nigeria can I find a legal arms dealer and like how much should I budget for a pistol for example? Thanks once again.


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